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Strategies to optimize auth rates for the airlines

  • 07 Dec 2023

  • 08:30 AM GMT

Build vs Buy Calculator for Payment Integration

Quickly assess whether building and managing an in-house payment gateway integration is right for you or if investing in a payment integration solution is the more efficient and convenient option.
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Upfront Integration and 
Testing Costs

Estimate man-hours needed for integrating payment gateways, enabling payment methods, and quality testing them.

integration testing cost
support costs

Support and Maintenance

Analyze ongoing costs for maintenance, infrastructure (AWS, database, tokenisation), and support (operational items including reconciliation)

Research and PSP Insights

Costs incurred in identifying the right partner(s), onboarding time and effort spent with the partner.

Research costs
cost comparison

Cost Comparison

Based on the above inputs quickly compare which option works best for you.

Analyze in-house vs payment
integration solution