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A no-code platform that helps you to optimize and reconcile your payments.

Maximise payment success through inai’s payment routing

Optimize payment success for every market,
without waiting for your developers

Inai Offers Three Flavors of Routing

Build workflows with a simple drag and drop to optimize approval rates and transaction costs with built-in failover logic to minimize basket abandonment and recover more revenues.


1. Rules based routing

Optimize payments by distributing traffic across PSPs based on country/payment methods/card type through routing rules without writing a code.

You can set up a rule-based routing through 3 simple steps

Add integrations

In a few simple steps, connect your payment gateways and payment methods through API keys.

Add Integrations
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Setup workflow
Setup workflow

Setup workflow

Select country, payment methods, payment gateways, and routing percentages to process your payments or utilize bin-based routing for certain transactions through a PSP based on parameters like Card brands, and Card networks (Amex, Visa, Mastercard, Unionpay, etc.)

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Go live

Go live

Once all the above changes are made, you are all set to go live.

Go live

Rules based routing works best for

  • Medium-sized businesses

  • Minimize charges by directing your data to a payment gateway based on their transaction charges

  • Operating in a country where payment gateways have different strengths & weaknesses

2. Intelligent routing

Inai’s algorithm continuously monitors and tracks payment failures across the payment ecosystem, as well as merchant context, and makes automatic routing decisions based on:-
  • Approval rates

  • Processing rates
  • Authorization rates

  • Downtimes across payment methods / PGs
  • Transaction charges

Dynamic routing-1

3. API driven Routing

API driven routing solves few of the complex issues such as

Live Outage Monitoring

Live Outage Monitoring

Trigger alerts in CMS or through email whenever the failure rate increases above a defined threshold.

Cascading Mechanism

Fallback/Cascading Mechanism

Create a seamless customer experience by automatically routing failed transactions through a backup PSP

Third-party risk scoring

Third-party risk scoring

Connect to your anti-fraud and risk scoring systems like MaxMind, Kount or Ravelin, for an extra layer of protection.

Amplify your global conversions

Quickly expand to new markets with our integrations supporting 300+ payment methods, wallets and local payment rails including bank transfers giving your users flexibility to pay with multiple payment methods and future proof your payment stack.

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Connect with every payment method your customers need. Launch faster, optimize transaction costs and increase your bottom line.