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Strategies to optimize auth rates for the airlines

  • 07 Dec 2023

  • 08:30 AM GMT

Maximize payment success through inai’s payment routing

Route payments with a simple drag-and-drop UI to optimize approval rates, reduce transaction costs, and recover more revenues.
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Enhance checkout conversions with no code

Checkout groups (1) 1

Dynamically present payment methods with Inai’s checkout groups. Customize the checkout experience by implementing routing rules based on customer segments, product categories, business lines, and more.

Boost auth rates with advanced routing solution

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  • Set up complex routing rules through a simple and intuitive no-code dashboard.
  • Manage load by distributing traffic seamlessly across multiple providers
  • Customize 3DS settings on demand or selectively apply them to transactions based on their risk profiles
  • Route transactions to providers with the best auth rates and minimal fees. Customize routing based on availability, BIN, order value, or user metadata.
  • Manage your business logics without code for e.g. block transactions based on certain BIN ranges and/or IP addresses.
Group 1000005105(3)(1)
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Group 1000005089

Recover lost revenue with cascading and retries

Group 1000005089
  • Boost your auth rates and reduce involuntary churn with automatic retries.
  • Protect your business in the event of outages or other challenges with cascading.

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