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Strategies to optimize auth rates for the airlines

  • 07 Dec 2023

  • 08:30 AM GMT

Stay on top of any payment anomalies with
real-time alerting. Its Datadog for payments

With Alerts, you can configure payment monitors for different use cases, notify your teams
on a communication channel of choice, and manage your business.

Start monitoring key payment
metrics in minutes

Group 1000004635

Authorization rate

The percentage of transactions that you submit and are accepted by the card networks.

Group 39592

Decline rate

Attempted credit card transactions that are declined compared to the total number of attempted transactions.

Group 1000004979

Withdrawal velocity

Velocity checks are a fraud prevention strategy designed to reduce the amount of fraud.

Vector 309

Transaction volume

The total monetary value of all transactions processed by a payment platform over a given period.

Group 39507-1


A chargeback is a return of money to a payer of a transaction, especially a credit card transaction.


Average order value

An ecommerce metric that measures the average total of every order placed with a merchant over a defined period of time.

Plug payment leaks in real-time
with three types of alerts

Treshold 1

Group 35376
ThresholdGet notified when a metric crosses a set limit. Useful for continuous data streams or sporadic events with predefined values.

Variance 1

VarianceGet notified when a metric changes significantly over time-based on your chosen threshold. Useful for tracking changes that surpass a defined difference from a previous period.

Range 1

RangeGet notified when a metric goes beyond a user-defined range. It is useful for spotting anomalies, like when a metric usually stays between 75-85% and any deviation triggers an alert.

Fix issues by getting notified on channels that matter to you

Group 1000004126

Select medium

Get alerts via Slack, email, or pagerduty based on your preference.

Group 39597

Select the team

Assign to team or individuals based on the severity

Group 1000005086(3)(1)

How it works

Choose metric
Step 1

Alerts can be supported on any parameter, or metadata passed to your payment processor ( e.g., BIN) or any derivation thereof (e.g., auth rate).

Choose your measure
Step 2
Alerts can be used to handle metrics that are computed from a continuous stream of data or from a discrete set of values.

Choose your form of communication
Step 3
Select the preferred notification methods for your team, such as email, Slack, or PagerDuty.

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