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A no-code platform that helps you to optimize and reconcile your payments.

Your hunt for a reliable gaming igaming gambling high risk payment solution ends here.

Build customizable UI for gaming igaming gambling high risk integrate local payment methods at your checkout to increase payment conversion rates

Starting at only ₹30K/Month

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Payment methods


Payment gateways

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Payment Checkouts” - Finished.

Provide a reliable, seamless and customised checkout experience to gamers
with multiple payment options to boost your success rates.

Add Ease To Your Players’
Gaming Journey.

Redundancy In Pay-ins

inai provides integrations with multiple high-risk friendly processors to accept local payment methods & build redundancy with multiple payment gateways.

Group 199

Pay Outs & Refunds

Choose from a variety of different payout modes and automate through instant & scheduled payouts & refunds.

Group 200

Auto Refund

No more dealing with customer support teams and following up on tickets required.

Group 202

Support high
traffic / sec

Ensure 99.9% uptime even during peak traffic with turbo mode and enable 200+ TPS during gameplay

Group 203

UPI fingerprinting

Reduce referral abuses & game manipulations by implementing UPI fingerprinting to map unique users

Group 198

Manage Risks with
Custom Fraud Flows

Manage risks to suit your business needs and seamlessly manage checkout experiences. Build custom flows to deal with frauds in just a few easy steps:

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Starting at only ₹30K/Month

Seamless Integrations

30+ Payment Gateways and 300+ Methods to get the best conversions possible.

Starting at only ₹30K/Month

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Where We Get Our “Powers” From!

Inai was founded by repeat entrepreneurs who faced this problem first-hand. We have been backed by some of the most bankable investors in the world:

Group 118(2)

Starting at only ₹30K/Month

Game Over For 
Failed Payments

Offer every gaming payment method your customer's needs. Launch faster, optimize transaction costs and boost your conversions.

Starting at only ₹30K/Month