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A no-code platform that helps you to optimize and reconcile your payments.

Integrate Payins and Payouts
for your marketplace with inai

Scale your marketplace globally with inai's developer friendly marketplace
payment integration solution.
Alibaba Dashboard mock

Improve conversion with all payment methods

  • 300+ payment methods
  • Localized checkout experiences
  • Conversion optimized: Vault for fast checkout, error handling, address autofill etc
  • Insights on failed transactions to optimise

Send payins & payouts on multiple
rails of your choice

  • Work across multiple payment processors for payin and payout methods
  • Customize payout schedules across all processors
  • Split transactions to multiple recipients from every Payin or handle payin and payouts separately
Payins and Payouts

Manage your marketplace payments in one place

  • Add, manage products and transactions in single dashboard
  • Refunds from a single dashboard or via API
  • Insights on failed transactions to optimise
Manage your marketplace
Support for multiple business models

Support for multiple business models

  • Shopify Model where the marketplace receives only the commission with the rest paid out to sellers
  • Uber model where the marketplace is the merchant of record that initiates payouts
  • Add additional products such as subscriptions

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Connect with every payment method your customers need. Launch faster, optimize transaction costs and increase your bottom line.