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Top 3 Payment Gateways in San Marino Your Business Needs to Know About

Top 3 Payment Gateways in San Marino Your Business Needs to Know About

The pandemic has changed every country’s outlook toward accepting payments from their global customers. San Marino’s businesses are no different, for the payment structure in the country underwent a massive shift during the Ukraine war. The high energy price shock, increased inflation, and income erosion haven’t made matters any more straightforward than the pre-pandemic time.

Nonetheless, a high tourism inflow boosts the economy’s activities, but it isn’t enough to support the country’s economic development standards.

What Should You Consider When Choosing a Payment Gateway

While choosing a suitable payment gateway, you must keep a few factors in mind to ensure you make the right decision.

Here are a few things to consider:

1. Cost

Payment gateways come at a cost; you will usually encounter three types of costs while using a payment gateway.

These are as follows:

  1. Setup fee
  2. Monthly fee
  3. Transaction fee

Every payment gateway has a set standard for levying charges. Most often, these are a percentage of the total cost, but the fee can vary depending on the provider and the payment volumes. 

If your payment volumes are low, you have nothing to worry about as a business. However, if your payment volumes are high, you might incur a hefty fee, which can act as a deterrent.

2. Types of Cards Allowed

Payment gateways offer different payment methods. Some standard methods include debit and credit cards. Globally, Visa, MasterCard, and Amex are widely accepted; some local banks offer their native card versions, which are associated with payment gateways.

To enhance your local outreach, you need to have a mix of international and local payment methods which customers can use to make their payments.

3. Holding Time

The holding time varies from provider to provider. Payment gateways usually withhold payments before settling them into the destination account. The holding time varies from 1-7 days to account for any refunds and settlement accounts.

4. Multiple Currency Support

Payment gateways are ideal for accepting payments in multiple currencies. You might need to accept/send payments in various currencies as an online business to enhance your customer base. 

An ideal payment gateway allows your business to accept payments in multiple currencies, which can eventually be converted into a local currency.

5. Recurring Billing

Subscription-based billing is an upcoming feature most payment gateways offer their customers these days. When dealing with subscription-based businesses, you need to work with a payment gateway that offers recurring billing options to support the automatic renewal of your regular subscriptions.

6. Hosted vs. Non-Hosted

Payment gateways offer two billing options: hosted and non-hosted. Customers can either pay on your website directly, while the latter takes the payee off your website.

You can sync either option with your online store to enhance the customer’s experience. While both payment options have pros and cons, you can still pick and choose an option you feel is most appropriate for your business model.

7. Security

Payment gateways deal with sensitive customer information, which should be handled with utmost care and precision. Since you are dealing with customer information during payment handling, you must choose the right payment gateway to manage such information.

8. Mobile Payment Support

Gateways should simultaneously adapt to websites and mobile interfaces. By enabling multi-platform support, you can enhance your customer’s experience and allow them to make payments as and when they want, including mobile platforms.

9. Limits

Some payment gateways cap the transaction limits on their accounts. You might be comfortable with such limits as a small business. However, if your monthly payment acceptance exceeds the limit, you should reconsider your payment gateway choice. This will enable seamless payments from merchants to customers and vice-versa. 

10. Integration With Other Systems

Web developers use various website hosts to manage their websites. Your preferred payment gateway should integrate seamlessly with all major website platforms to enable a seamless payment mechanism for your customers. 

Top 3 Payment Gateways in San Marino
Top 3 payment gateway in San Marino

1. Verifone (2Checkout)

Verifone (erstwhile 2Checkout) allows you to monetize your platform to expand your business globally. You can utilize their services so that you can cater to a variety of segments and customer types.

When you sign up for their payment gateway, you can access their secure payment system, to ensure the utmost safety for your customer’s financial information. Additionally, you also get the following services with Verifone:

Some standard services include the following:

  •         Global Payments
  •         Digital commerce
  •         Subscription billing
  •         Reporting and analytics

Pricing and Other Fees:

  • Setup fee: Free
  • Annual Fee: None
  • Monthly fee: None
  • Charges on refunds: Information Available on request
  • Commission per transaction: There are three payment plans you can choose based on the following:
  • 2Checkout 2 SELL: 3.5% + $0.35
  • 2Checkout 2 SUBSCRIBE: 4.5% + $0.45
  • 2Checkout 2 MONETIZE: 6.0% + $0.60 

Accepted Payment Methods:

  • Credit/Debit cards: Skrill, PO, Visa, MasterCard, Diners Club, American Express, Discover, and JCB. 
  • Other accepted payments: Apple Pay, Google Pay, AliPay, OPay

Supported Currencies: 87 significant currencies

Approvals and Onboarding Time: Information Available on request

eCommerce Platform Integration: All major e-commerce platforms

2. Rapyd

Rapyd, a payment gateway, is a well-known option for accepting payments in San Marino. You can integrate Rapyd using their Global Payments API to achieve scalability using their REST API, microservices, and cloud-based architecture.

You can accept local and other payment methods using their Hosted Checkout and Toolkit services. This payment gateway allows you to accept payments from 40+ countries, reducing your fee and accepting payments quickly and conveniently.

Pricing and Other Fees:

  • Setup fee: Free
  • Annual Fee: None
  • Charges on refunds: $25.00
  • Commission per transaction:


  • All Payment Methods: 2.90% + $0.3


  • All Payment Methods: 3.25% + 0.3 SGD

EU and UK

  • European Cards: 1.2% + €.30
  • All Other Payment Methods: 2.9% + €.30


  • European Cards: 1.4% + 15 ISK
  • All Other Payment Methods: 2.90% + 15 ISK

Accepted Payment Methods:

  • Credit/Debit cards: Visa and MasterCard
  • Other accepted payments: Apple Pay, Giropay, Google Pay, iDEAL, Trustly, Pagaqui, Paysafecard, SEPA direct debit, and Banked

Supported Currencies: 100 major currencies

Approvals and Onboarding Time: Information Available on request

eCommerce Platform Integration: All major e-commerce platforms

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3. MyPayment Guru

MyPayment Guru is an established payment gateway providing 2D payment services in San Marino. 

You can send and receive payments globally via their payment gateway, ensuring you can run your business smoothly. 

Some benefits include the following services:

  • Dedicated merchant IDs
  • No OTP Transactions
  • Multi-Currency options
  • Safe and Secure Transactions
  • Online Credit Card Processing
  • 24/7 customer care
  • Efficient payment options
  • Easy-to-integrate payment processes

Pricing and Other Fees:

Setup fee: €250 

Annual Fee: 0.7%

Monthly fee: €50 

Charges on refunds: $25.00

The commission per transaction:

  • Incoming SEPA payments: €0
  • Internal transfer: 
  • SEPA Transfer up to €5,000: €1
  • SEPA Transfer up to €50,000: €5
  • SEPA Transfer over €50,000: €10
  • Non-SEPA (SWIFT) transfer (SHA): 0.2% (Min €70) 
  • Incoming Non-SEPA (SWIFT) transfer: 0.1% (Min €10) 

Accepted Payment Methods:

Credit/Debit cards: American Express, Visa, Discover, MasterCard, and JCB

Other accepted payments: Information Available on request

Supported Currencies: EURO (€)

Approvals and Onboarding Time: Information Available on request

eCommerce Platform Integration: Information not available

How inai Helps You Address Multiple Payment Gateway Integrations in San Marino?

With over 300 international payment methods, inai provides businesses with unparalleled global reach and access to local currencies. Our user-friendly platform makes it easy for developers of all types - from online stores to digital marketplaces - to quickly connect and begin accepting payments through multiple gateways. With a single one-stop solution, inai is becoming the go-to name for enabling seamless transactions across markets worldwide!

Here are some additional benefits you get with our platform:

  1. Localised checkout experiences related to payment methods, languages, and currencies
  2. Customizable front-end CXO dashboards to align your brand with refund management requirements
  3. Built-in Enterprise Grade security integrations to meet standards laid down by PCI-DSS and GDPR policies

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