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A no-code platform that helps you to optimize and reconcile your payments.

All-in-one payment operating system for Businesses in US EU Asia Africa

Seamlessly integrate with multiple PSPs through a single API to
collect, payout, optimize, and automate your payment operations.

Our product suite

Inai offers a variety of products that ease your payment problems and increase your
top line revenue by 10% while optimizing your transaction rates.

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OrchestrateSet up your payment stack & offer every payment method your customer needs.

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OptimizeIncrease your top-line revenue upto 10% by fixing payment failures.

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ReconcileAutomate your end-to-end payment reconciliation. Optimize fees and improve your bottom line.

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Enterprise-grade payment orchestration platform for fast-growing merchants

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Single integration that connects to 40+ payment processors and 300+ local payment methods across all six continents.
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Localize your checkout experiences across geography's. Customise, A/B test new payment methods without code.
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Secure payment data in a PSP agnostic PCI level 1 vault.
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Optimize success rates by smart routing.
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Streamline your operations with a single dashboard.
  • 120+ Countries Supported

  • 50+ Payment Gateways

  • 300+ Payment Methods

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Maximize success rates with enterprise-grade observability stack.  

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Reduce payment failures with actionable insights and improve success rates by upto 10%.
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Stay on top of any payment anomalies with real-time alerting.
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Leverage data to identify the best-performing processing route by card brand, country, card, etc.
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Maximize approval rates with account updater and network tokenization.
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Conversational query engine powered by generative AI.
  • 10%  up lift in authorization rate

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Automate your payment operations and uncover
opportunities to reduce payment costs.

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Automate your payment operations and uncover
opportunities to reduce payment costs.

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Reconcile your transactions across multiple payment vendors on a per-transaction basis.
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Get granular visibility on all payment fees paid and uncover opportunities to reduce fees.
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Save your Finops time by upto 60% and reduce manual errors
  • 20+  FinOps hours saved

  • 10% Reduction in fees

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stay protected with security

Stay protected with enterprise grade security

Reduce compliance burdens for your business and keep payments safe. Our payment
gateway integration upholds the highest security certification standards.

  • PCI

    Level 1 DSS

  • SCA Compliant

  • GDPR Compliant

  • 24/7 Incident Response

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Inai was founded by repeat entrepreneurs who faced this problem first-hand. We
have been backed by some of the most bankable investors in the world:

With founders and executives from:


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