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Strategies to optimize auth rates for the airlines

  • 07 Dec 2023

  • 08:30 AM GMT

Automate payment optimization without code. Automate payment reconciliation without code. Orchestrate payment without dev efforts. Automate payment alerts without code.

Improve auth rates and get real time visibility on payments.
No Integration needed!
Seamlessly connect to payment vendors and reconcile you transactions.
No Integration needed!
Seamlessly integrate with multiple PSPs through a single API
to collect, payout, optimize and automate your payment operations.
Stay on top of payment anomalies.
No Integration needed!

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Our product suite

Inai offers a variety of products that ease your payment problems and increase your
top line revenue by 10% while optimizing your transaction rates.

r Optimize
Get in-depth analytics on your
payment stack and uncover hidden
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User Orchestrate
Connect with every payment method your customers need. Launch faster, optimize transaction costs, and increase your revenue.
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Payment reconciliation
gear Reconcile
Automate your end-to-end payment
reconciliation. Optimize fees and improve your
bottom line.
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payment Alerts
alerts Alerts
Stay on top of payment anomalies. Configure payment monitors and take proactive actions to improve your payment performance.
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inai has helped us in scaling our payments internationally. They have helped in providing a superior experience in payments over what existed in the industry - their vaulting service helped in offering a much better experience for our customers than what was available in the market.  The product has helped save weeks/ months of developer time in integration and helped future-proof our payment stack.

Scaling from one country to another was reduced to button clicks. Their solution was fairly straightforward to integrate, and the team was very responsive.


AnirudhDirector for Strategic Partnerships and Alliances.


Improve your authorization rates

  • Leverage adaptive routing to optimize auth rates and fees

  • Offer localized checkout experiences with a standardized checkout flow

  • Derive insights from your payments data to optimize


Leverage your payments data into actionable insights

Get in-depth observability on your payment stack and uncover hidden opportunities with AI-based recommendations.

No integration required!

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Automate your
end-to-end payment reconciliation

Get transaction-level reconciliation information and flag discrepancies.
Gain granular visibility on all payment fees and uncover opportunities to reduce fees.

No integration required!

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